Amazin Yeshuwanna Money — The First Blockchain Project In Education and Economy

Blockchain technology has been adopted by many companies around the world in recent years, as you may have noticed. To protect and secure sensitive data during online transactions, blockchain has one of the most important characteristics: security. In addition, the speed and convenience of transactions are enhanced by blockchain technology. It’s true that the process only takes a few seconds, but other payment methods can take days. For one thing, there is no interference from financial institutions or political bodies, which many users think is a good thing.
You can purchase models such as the digital financial asset currency Amazin Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20), to allow you to manage your finances and access the AYM economy. Tokens are created with smart contracts for trusted digital transactions between players. You can earn Amazin Yeshuwanna money, use it on blockchain exchanges with other distributed ledger technologies, play games, and spend it any way you choose.

Let’s see about Amazin Yeshuwanna Money
Amazin Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20) exchangeable game token is the first cryptoasset project supported by the platform which helps to hide and minimize the risk of loss. It includes a user interface for securely tracking, trading and exchanging cryptocurrency holdings via the blockchain. The AYM token provides the ability for online players to participate in Amazin Yeshuwanna Money activities with confidence enabling them to generate income and acquire skills for their future Jobs are available to everyone, regardless of their nationality.
Amazin Yeshuwanna Money anticipates the widespread adoption of decentralized token trading applications (dApps) on the internet, as well as much lower barriers to entry for new participants. Once the entire recommended library set for the Economic Education Board Game System is complete and ready for production, the network will be self-sufficient.
When it comes to developing more efficient and sustainable ways of delivering products, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money has a solution for both large corporations as well as independent developers. Developers can focus on their content and products without having to worry about the complexities of coding and legality that are inherent in the production of dApp games.

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Destination
Amazin Yeshuwanna Money goal is to increase the productivity of dApp developers by enabling them to focus on content and design while leaving the underlying complexities of the Economic Education Game System to technology. Thus, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money anticipates the widespread adoption of decentralized token trading applications (dApps) on the internet, as well as significantly reducing entry barriers for new participants. The network will be self-sustaining once the entire recommended library set for the Economic Education Board Game System is ready for production.
Nowadays, starting a business in the remote gaming sector is difficult and time consuming for newcomers. Due to the openness and immutability of the public blockchain system, regulators can quickly and easily check for compliance. Every year, KYC/AML re-verification, game limits and Token origin all take up a lot of time and work. In addition, the online gambling industry must continue to pay compliance fees and penalties for discrepancies between operator reports and regulator expectations. Penalties may range from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. Thanks to Amazon Yeshuwanna Money’s technology, developers and regulators will be able to perform fast compliance checks with the highest levels of transparency and reliability in terms of data redundancy and accuracy.

Model of Business
A decentralized token, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, will be traded on the Binance Smart Chain Token Contract. For the advancement of Amazin Yeshuwanna Money tools, networks, and services, 17% of the platform’s Token Exchanges will be destroyed. Time-based Token Holders will also receive an additional 8% Auto LP Reward Amount as part of the Economic Education Game System, and Token Holders will receive a 16 percent reward for all Tokens redeemed back to Binance Smart Chain in the dApp completed by other players. When the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economic Education Board Game is played, the token rewards are designed to grow in value. Even more so, as dApp. System entrepreneurs grow their Tokens, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economic Education Board Game System helps them by providing them with the necessary tools and information.

Trading of Games
Tokens from the game Amazin Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20) can be exchanged for AmYesMoney (BEP-20), which has the most liquidity. AmYesMoney (BEP-20) tokens can be exchanged for Binance Smart Chain tokens using cryptocurrency wallets that pass CDD checks. AmYesMoney’s Smart Contract Smart Token uses the Binance Smart Chain token to increase liquidity and token stability (BEP-20). For example, Ether or Bitcoin may be released in the future if sufficient liquidity and regulatory clarity are achieved.

In order to power the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economy Education Board Game System with its gaming token, the “AmYesMoney” (BEP-20) has been created. This gaming token will allow developers to collaborate with oracle solvers, smart contracts, and gamer tokens to build the best possible gaming token dApp network. Aside from the token creation Smart Contract implemented by Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, which estimated a maximum quantity of 14,232,577,769,808,912 gaming tokens, no additional AmYesMoney (BEP-20) game tokens will be issued beyond the token creation Smart Contract.

The idea behind Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is to create a platform that utilises blockchain technology to educate and raise capital at the same time. By using AYM’s digital tokens as rewards for selected activities on its platform, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money allows players to gain financial literacy and teach them how to manage their money responsibly. At the same time, players who succeed in this way benefit from realising that their money has grown in value by buying and selling the tokens over time.

Professional Team Amazin Yeshuwanna Money

Full Name: Yeshua Kruitbosch

Position: CEO

Full Name: Martin Crawford

Position: CFO

Full Name: Anton Wiśniewski

Position: Lead Developer

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