Bridgeswap: Using Web 3.0 to Create a Global Economy That Is Equal For All


A DEX is a decentralized exchange that doesn’t rely on third parties to handle your funds; instead, all user transactions take place directly and automatically amongst the users (peer network) Therefore, DEX — decentralized exchange gives users full control over their assets and transactions, removing the need for intermediaries to avoid security threats, hackers and fraud. A decentralized market also makes taxation and money management extremely difficult.

About Bridgeswap
In order to facilitate quick crypto token swaps, provide liquidity, and reward users for their participation in the network through staked proceeds, Bridgeswap has created a decentralized exchange.

Bridge Exchange Point of Exchange
Bridgeswap Destinations connects Defi on Web 3.0 to traditional money in a decentralized manner to establish a fair, sustainable, and community-driven DAO global economy. To do this, Bridgeswap has developed four new products, including:
Bridge swap trading
Bridge swap farm
Bridge swap pool
Bridgeswap Defi 2.0 zap
and Bridgeswap lottery

In the crypto market, what sets BridgeSwap apart from the rest?
Bridgeswap is a new type of alternative trading system (ATS) that connects institutional investors and money managers through blockchain technology. The $BRIS token is the key to bridging the wealth and equality gap in our society through blockchain technology, the adoption of Internet 3.0 (or Web 3.0) and an unprecedented global economic revolution. seen before!
As a member of that community, your role is to contribute to the network effects that take place in that community. What does network effect mean? Basically, the value grows exponentially as more people use it! And the more the community grows, the more valuable you become.

The majority of Defi protocols struggle to acquire adequate liquidity for protocol functioning. Therefore, there is a perpetual competition between different Defi protocols for liquidity for services such as yield farming, staking, etc. The Defi protocol is dependent on the liquidity of its users for its operations. They rent liquidity for their operations because they have none. This presents numerous issues.

Bridegswap answer to this issue is to zap Defi 2.0. This innovative new mechanism let liquidity providers to exchange their liquidity pools for discounted Bris tokens. This mechanism provides Bridegswap with liquidity; we do not rely entirely on liquidity suppliers for our liquidity pool. As a reserve, the funds collected from Defi 2.0 zap are held in a predefined wallet.

When necessary, Bridgeswap can rely on this liquidity. This buildup of liquidity maintains the longevity of liquidity, hence avoiding the long-term liquidity issues faced by the majority of Defi protocols.

Token Knowledge
Token Name: BridgeSwap
Chain Symbol: BRIS Token: BNB Smart (BEP20)
Initial Supply: 2,200,000 Earn $BRIS tokens from Farms and Pools, win them in a lottery, or purchase them on an exchange, and then investigate the Use Cases:

Bet in Pools to obtain free cryptocurrency tokens.
Utilize it in Yield Farms to obtain additional BRIS.
The BridgeSwap Lottery sells lottery tickets.
Vote on suggestions related to the Governance of the BRIS DAO.

Q1 2022
BridgeSwap Mainnet DEX Development
Livestock & Pond Development.
Development of Zap Defi 2.0.
The BRIS Vault Project (Automatic Merging BRIS-BRIS Pool )
Development of the Lottery as a Deflationary Mechanism You can win extra BRIS tokens through the lottery, but it also serves as a mechanism for us to burn BRIS tokens and keep their value consistent.
Referral Program Development

Q2 2022
Launch of IDO for BRIS tokens.
BridgeSwap Mainnet DEX launch
Ranch & Pond Launch
Lottery Launch
Referral Program Launch
Launch of BRIS Vault (Automatic Merging BRIS-BRIS Pool )
Defi 2.0 Zap . Launch
Announce Partnership
Trade Mining Development
DAO governance using BRIS token development.

Q3 2022
Info Development & Analysis
Trade Battle
Portfolio management
Multiple languages

Q4 2022
Cross Chain Integration
BridgeSwap NFT Ecosystem
More To Be Announced

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BTT Username: ManuelaFoerster29

BTT Profile Link:;u=3401403

Bep-20 address: 0x0f6A7379641176C2Ff7cbA438f14d3af074C1c3F



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