Elysian Treasury Is Building The Reserve-Backed Digital Currency For The Decentralized Web

Anyone who has access to the internet and uses DeFi can conduct business with anyone else in the globe, regardless of where either party is physically situated. This is because DeFi is not tied to a specific physical location. Those individuals who are unable to use conventional banking methods make up one of the primary demographics served by DeFi. People living in undeveloped countries can now access banking services, whereas in the past they were unable to do so. Peer-to-peer financial transactions, also known as P2P transactions, are made possible by DeFi and allow two users to send digital payments to one another directly. Utilizing the technique for reaching consensus allows the transaction to be validated. Using DeFi’s secure, scalable, and automated payments for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, it is feasible for a company to make use of its already-existing ERP infrastructure while also reaping the benefits of a more efficient procedure.

This generation reserve-backed currency is being developed by Elysian Finance for DeFi 3.0 and the decentralized web in general. Elysian are building a non-custodial protocol focusing on algorithmic asset emission and enhanced asset management for Elysian Finance. The Elysian Treasury will use arbitrage, market-creation, robo-trading, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in its trading strategy. The Elysian smart contracts platform provides full transparency on strategy performance and strategy construction and operation. Treasury assets are used to back the Elysian token, which is symbolized by its symbol, LYS. With the risk-free value, or RFV, the LYS has a built-in value and is guaranteed to be worth $1 at all times.
Web3 asset management standards will be improved by Elysian Finance. As part of our plan, Elysian are codifying industry best practices (such as safe containment and fraud prevention), as well as removing intermediaries. Because it speeds up processes, lowers entry barriers, promotes transparency, offers investors more power, and eliminates single points of failure, a smart contract-powered asset management infrastructure is an appealing option for investors. DeFi 3.0 quick adoption of automation means that Elysian Finance has the potential to become the leading platform for all things financial in the future.
OHM is a primary inspiration for Elysian Finance (LYS), but the company plans to adopt an entirely new approach to system architecture in its unique endeavor. A second tier of betting reward is added to the ve(3,3) “vote-escrow” mechanism of Elysian Finance, which retains the most important components, such as risk-free value (RFV), protocol-held liquidity (POL), and compound returns. Elysian Finance is now working on the project and plans to deploy it at the start of the second quarter of 2022. As a result of game theory dynamics and compound returns, all players are incentivized to actively participate in the protocol through staking and bonding.

Elysian Finance Features
In addition to a scalable and adaptable smart contract framework, Elysian Finance’s contribution contains the following features:

OTC market for bonds and reverse bonds
Automatic asset management
Efficient governance and NFT
Reward levels above the ve(3,3) “vote shelter” mechanism.
The scalability of Elysian is created so that users may simply have access to new infrastructure or modifications that regulate how the Treasury operates. Importantly, the new DeFi integration can be accessed without a user upgrade.

Token Information
Elysian token (LYS) is backed by a basket of assets in the treasury, which combined with risk free value (RFV) gives it intrinsic worth and ensures 1 LYS minted is always backed by $1.

For Staking and bonding ensure that all players are encouraged to actively participate in the protocol through game-theoretic dynamics, and compounded rewards offer unbeatable long-term profits.

The official token address is:

Elysian Finance Team
The Elysian team consists of computer science experts who work at the intersection of finance and cryptography. As part of their prior work with distributed systems and trustless architectures, Team Elysian has experience with smart contracts. When it comes to making a positive impact on the ecology, that is exactly what the Elysian team is aiming towards! We plan to do this through a combination of creative thinking and sound financial management.


Elysian Finance is one of the more intriguing ideas for DeFi 3.0 and the decentralized web. Elysian Finance’s non-custodial protocol development revolves around on-chain asset management and algorithmic asset emission. Elysian Finance’s smart contracts ensure complete transparency in all aspects of strategy development and implementation. Each Elysian token (LYS) is backed to the tune of $1 by the treasury asset basket. Additionally, the risk-free value (RFV) provides intrinsic worth to the token, ensuring that each LYS is backed by a single dollar. You must sign up as soon as possible, complete out your whitelist, and avoid missing out on the limited number of places. The time has come to start raking it in.

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Github: https://github.com/ElysianFinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/gNFfBfV4he

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