ValerStudios (VLR) is a dark-abundance-creation incubator and a crypto-economy.

ValerStudios is an incubator and a crypto-economy. VLR is a dark-abundance creation incubator program. VLR’s 3 stage incubator format takes on 10 incubator projects per cycle and takes each project and founder on a journey to create their own crypto-economy. Through VLR, thousands of black wealth creators are activated to create their own crypto economy. We also serve underappreciated communities around the world by providing them with the resources they need to become strongholds in their communities.

ValerStudios (VLR) serves as an incubator for dark abundance creation and a crypto-economy for underserved networks around the world. VLR’s 3-Stage Incubator design allows it to take on incubator projects chosen by the VLR people group on a cycle-by-by-cycle basis. At this point, VLR embarks on a contemplative journey with each project and creator to create their own crypto-economy.
As a result of the ValerStudios Token (VLR), the goal is to bring people and businesses into the crypto-and-blockchain ecosystem. VLR Token is ideal for both originators and financial backers alike because of its social, speculative, and practical value.

Because of their focus on creating abundance for dark and underserved networks, ValerStudios Token (VLR) is an essential part of their strategy. The VLR Token was created with the goal of bringing more people, tasks, organizations, and countries into the crypto and blockchain world. It is possible to open up a new channel of access to capital by linking the current economy of the customer to the crypto-environment.

VLR’s vision is to close the abundance hole and catalyze the making of generational Black Wealth for the following 100 years through the VLR Token. As per the Citigroup study from September 2020, the U.S. Gross domestic product lost $16 Trillion over the most recent 20 years alone because of racial shamefulness. Citigroup projects $5 Trillion of U.S. Gross domestic product development by shutting holes Gdp growth in the next five years will come from closing the holes in dark riches and business venture funding. What would the additional 95 years of VLR leading the charge to send off crypto-based organizations for the United States and the rest of the world involve?

What role could the symbolic economy play?
Using decentralized money devices, the VLR environment is designed to brainstorm and speed up new tasks, existing organizations, and countries through the creation of a tailored crypto-economy. ValorStudios’ will provide the full set of services and advancement to launch up to six ventures like clockwork. A decentralized administration model will power the choice interaction. Each project will include elements that can help the African American community, the diaspora, and underserved networks around the world regain access and abundance.


The VLR token will be useful to staking pool holders because it will provide administration services. This will take into account the rights to vote, the limited value of each task, and the compensation associated with each. The VLR DeFi marking pool was recently developed by VLR and will be airdropped to every Metamask wallet of a current holder. The first four VLR projects will be launched in Q4 2021. If you’re interested in joining the hatchery or purchasing VLR, the VLR group would be delighted to hear from you.

Token holders who join ValerStudios will be given the opportunity to stake their tokens in the foundation marking pool, which is supported by a percentage of their earnings. Making it possible for all VLR token holders to benefit from the ventures they accept. There is a VLR Staking pool where you can stake VLR. VLR token holders will be interested in acquiring tokens from various ventures and putting those tokens into each venture’s marking pool as a component of the marking pool instrument.

Eight Years in the Making: ValerStudios The VLR token will play a central role in bringing together symbol holders and enthusiastic business pioneers from around the world. An autonomous organization (DAO) is the best system for coordinating altruistic resources, selecting ideal partners, and influencing the characteristics of local people. The biological system is currently being bootstrapped by ValerStudios, which is fostering a component that will garner support from a variety of sources. The local community will be notified as soon as possible of the departure of an authority VLR DAO.

An in-depth outline
The Binance Smart Chain has recently seen a surge in demand from the VLR ecosystem. It is the primary utility token, VLR, that allows holders to decide on things like the recognition of endeavors in the brooding system and the inclusion of noble causes in the marking charges of tokens.

The VLR Token from ValerStudios is a BEP-20 on Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 non-minable and deflationary tokens in circulation. To begin with, the VLR token will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, with the intention of moving to the Flare Networks blockchain in late 2021. As part of the most decentralized smart contract stage yet, Flare Networks will ensure that exchange costs are exceptionally low and that flexibility is at an all-time high.

About VLR tokens?

An incubator focused on building wealth in downtrodden communities. Disruptive ideas that help boost the economies of black and underserved communities first form the foundation of the ValerStudios ecosystem. The goal of our organization is to provide governance, services and infrastructure for each project.


As a decentralized finance pioneer, Valer has a clear vision for the future of the industry: The kind that will benefit future generations for the next century’s worth of generations.


People, projects, companies, and countries are all introduced and accelerated into the crypto and blockchain ecosystem by Valer.


Valer is acutely aware of the value of belonging to a larger community. Each project’s staking pool accepts staked VLR tokens from the community, which can be used to vote and receive tokens from other projects.


Valer is a proponent of a decentralized cryptoeconomic system. 7% of all fees are donated to charities that benefit the black and underserved communities.

On panacakeswap, we can find information on where to buy VLR, making the process simple.

Token Name: VLR
Total Supply:
1,000,000,000 VLR -
Decimal Places:


The goal of this VLR incubator is to use the crypto-currency to support projects which are supplemental, economically regenerative and socially lucrative. VLR takes on one Project Team per cycle. The project teams are selected through the VLR community. These projects must have a distinctive and verifiable economic, cultural or freedom creation impact.



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