Wakanda Inu- Participate In A Decentralized Exchange

WAKANDA INU is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade their digital assets while earning WAKANDA coins.

In response to the recent growth of CEXs, WAKANDA INU are currently working on an implementation that will allow WAKANDA INU users to seamlessly convert their WAKANDA coins into DEX-compatible tokens and back again.

This implementation will be beneficial because it will enable WAKANDA INU users to take advantage of the greater trading volume of centralized exchanges without being exposed to unnecessary legal or security risks.

Wakanda Inu is a decentralized exchange experiment. To participate, you will have to set up either a CEX or DEX. Take all the time you need to learn how they work. Start by reading our DEX How-To and take your exchange questions to the Wakanda Inu Telegram community.

Currently in Indiegogo you can participate in a decentralized experiment and just for that you will get bonus tokens. You will have to buy WAKANDAINU tokens using ETH on DEXs (decentralized exchanges) OR directly from us using bank transfer or credit/debit card via CEXs (centralized exchanges).

WAKANDA INU is the first cryptocurrency to trade on decentralized cryptocurrency exchange DEXs. We have added in functionality to our wallet to allow WAKANDA INU holders to participate in DEXs, allowing for direct P2P interaction and trades with other users. This means no platform fee or minimum trade sizes, just a simple and secure way to use your WAKANDA INU holdings.

WAKANDA INU building a p2p decentralized cryptocurrency exchange utilizing smart contracts (WAKANDA INU). Each WAKANDA INU token represents an amount of bitcoin. WAKANDA INU is not a company and we are not responsible for any actions taken by our users.

WAKANDA INU is a decentralized, peer-to-peer token exchange market that allows anyone and everyone to participate. With WAKANDA INU, you always maintain control of your coins. The platform is open-source, meaning that if you see a bug or have an enhancement suggestion, we will gladly accept the contribution from you.

This is only the beginning. The Wakanda Inu Token (WAKANDA) is a crypto-asset intended to allow you to participate in various DEXs using a single token that can be stored safely in your wallet. In essence, WAKANDA will offer all the benefits of direct trading while mitigating many of the risks.

Imagine that you believe XYZ asset will appreciate. Instead of sending money to a centralized exchange, buying XYZ, withdrawing it to your wallet, and then choosing where to trade it, you would simply create the trade order on a DEX using WAKANDA instead of ETH or BTC. You would lock up your WAKANDA by locking down an equivalent portion of XYZ (perhaps 100 or 200).

This operation would take only milliseconds instead of several minutes as it does now when you send ETH/BTC from a centralized exchange to your wallet. You could also have used ETH directly on the DEX while using WAKANDA as a more appealing store of value during the interim period. Even though such orders are called “limit” orders, they can be facilitated only by decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta and IDEX as well as other similar platforms we intend to support in the future.

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